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In this exercise, underline the prepositional phrase.

1. Both of the trolls lived under the bridge.

2. Some of the elves refused to help Santa make the toys.

3.One of the dragon's eggs cracked!

3.Two of the baby dragon's claws stuck through the shell.

4. Many of the ogres had blood dribbling down their chins.

5. Most of the knights who had come to slay the ogres had been devoured.

6. Either of the fairies could have been the one of evil repute.

7. None of the children had been switched at birth.

8. Most of the mothers hoped so, at least.

9. However, one of the babies had little wings.

In this exercise, underline the prepositional phrases. Above the prepositional phrase write whether it is an adverb or an adjective. Below the prepositional phrase write what it modifies.


1.The sorceress's bag of winds had been stolen by the sailor.

2. In the dark of the night the sailor sneaked away from the island.

3. The sailor opened the bag of winds.

4. One of the winds filled the sails.

5. Another of the winds blew open the sorceress's window.

6. A lamp of crystal fell and shattered, waking the sorceress.

7. The eyes of the sorceress's cat glowed red with anger.

8. The sorceress of unsurpassed kindness and power awoke.

9. The winds of the bag howled for the sorceress.

10. Most of the winds returned to sorceress.

11.The one remaining wind blew the sailor far from the island.

In this exercise, draw a line THROUGH the prepositional phrases; identify the subject; and identify the verb.

For instance: The windows of the room slammed shut.


1. A drawer of the bureau openned, and the winds folded themselves into the drawer.

2. The sorceress waved her hand, and all of the pieces of crystal reassembled into a lamp.

3. The cat with its burning eyes leaped onto the window sill and meowed.

4. "Yes," said the sorceress of the island, "let's go for a ride; the night is so beautiful."

5. The two of them exited the room.

6. Both of the magical creatures passed through the long corridors.

7. The two of them entered a vast chamber.

8. On the floor of the chamber lay a vast carpet.

9. On the other side of the room were french doors; these the sorceress unlocked.

10. "Which of you wants to ride me?"

11. In answer, the cat of gleaming, black fur jumped onto the carpet

12.The sorceress in her billowing gown also settled herself on the carpet.

13 "Both of you wish to go then?"

14. Neither the sorceress of the island nor the cat of burning eyes answered.

15. Taking this as a yes, the carpet of magic soared into the starry night

16. All of the stars brightened as the magic carpet flew past them.

17. Below the flying carpet, ships sailed on the sea.

18.The night of bright stars, pale moon, and glistening ocean waves was one of the most beautiful sorceress or cat had ever seen.

There is an answer key available. More information and more exercises on subjects and verbs are available. Just go to the GRAMMAR TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE.