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In this exercise, the complete verb has been underlined. How many verbs exist in the sentence has been noted.

1. The troll lived under the bridge. 1

2. The troll will eat whoever does not pay him a toll. 2

3. The knight must have refused to pay the troll. 3

4. The knight's bones have been picked clean. 3

5. The knight should have paid the troll! 3

6. The troll has now stepped out into the sunlight. 2

7.The troll has turned into stone! 2

8. The troll will no longer munch knights. 2

9. Now everyone can cross the bridge safely. 2

10. However, there is that strange, chilly spot in the middle of the bridge. 2

11. Perhaps the knight haunts the bridge. 2

In this exercise, whether the verb is an action verb or a linking verb has been noted.

Jorge looks around the room. action

Jorge looks good. linking

The wind smells of roses. linking

Maria smells the fragrant wind. action

The child sounds the gong. action

The gong sounds melodious. linking