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An Affection for an Unmarried Lady

by Fanny Delarose


Review: Susan Mobley, The Romantic Times


    Being deemed unsuitable by the father of the man she loves is only one of the problems Ann faces. Her new brother-in- law, the Earl of Corringdon, is furious with her for deflecting his advances. The Earl wishes to destroy Ann's reputation so she will have no where to go but his house and his bed...
    Buy this Regency romance to *warm* your nights.
    "This is an engaging story with three delightful secondary romances. The hero is delectable.

Reviewer: Rochelle Weber, Roses and Thorns


  • "An Affection for an Unmarried Lady by Fanny Delarose is a wonderful romp through late-Georgian England.and Ladies pursuing love, status and wealth, the book sails along like a ripe young lady in a flowing gown dancing the pavanne. Lady Ann Astweir, is the younger daughter of an old family of breedingand gentility. gauche among the English elite, her family’s fortune is ebbing away andshe must make a “good” marriage to someone of her station whosefamily wealth is still intact. She falls in love with Lord Gordon Treezwey,son of the Marquess and Marcioness of Duchambord, a family of impeccable lineage and similarly ebbing fortune.out their financial difficulties and manage to wed? Will they defy their parents and elope to live the lives of the bourgeoisie middle class? Will Lady Ann be sold to the highest bidder who will accept a girl with no dowry? I barely noticed the sunrise as I read the final, thrilling chapters."

Reader Reveiw:


    "I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys Historical Romance. It tells of the love's and trials of 4 Ladys and a season in London society.
    As I won this book in a giveaway, I knew nothing about it or the author. I am so glad I had the chance to read it and I was definitely not disappointed."

Available as an e-book for the Kindle  and in many formats at Smashwords. It is also available as a paperback.




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