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Coming Soon! Foreshadow: Book One of the Dragon-Born


Endorsed by Compulsion Reads


  • "Foreshadow is a beautifully written fantasy tale that wraps readers in lovely poetry, new mythology and magic."

Reviewed by Kirkus Reviews


"Clay takes readers into a fantasy world steeped in tradition."


Princess Royal, Tristabé-airta of Allsongs, daughter to King Freyzyn, is the darling of her father's court. Poet souled, she can never contend for the heirship of Allsongs for she is flawed. Never will she transform to demi-dragon form as her kingly father does. Yet as a poet soul, she has immense magical Talent, so the gods demand she receive special training. The neighboring king, Kotupun, feels the Allsongs' poppy crop should be his. He sends his son to destroy the crop and assassinate the young royals who will one day contend for the Allsongs heirship. The assassination attempt fails because Tristabé-airta sings an invisibilty spell to hide her friends. King Freyzun kill's Kotupun's son. In revenge for the attempted murder of the royal children, Freyzun's poets place a curse on Kotupun. Kotupun's castle sinking into a bog and rains follow wherever he goes. Kotupun bides his time until the day he sends his cannibal mermaid ancestor to Allsongs.


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