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Foreshadow: Book One of the Saga of the Dragon Born

 by Cynthia Joyce Clay


the first book in the new epic fantasy series The Saga of the Dragon Born Kindle Store


  • “I am Princess Royal Burta, and I call out your challenger!” In a time when dragons and gods seduced mortals, greedy kings plot to overthrow the tiny, impoverished kingdom of Allsongs, tempted by the promise of its future. It is said the hope and best defense of Allsongs lies in the person of a small child, Tristabé-airta, the Princess Royal, whose magic always works. Yet, it is the king and sword souled dragon born children whom the enemy kings fear will usurp their kingdoms. An assassin is sent to kill them. One of these children is surely a threat, Princess Burta who trains in arms for the day she can snatch the Allsongs kingdom from Tristabé-airta. While Tristabé-airta knows Burta hates her, Tristabe-airta must do what she can to save her or Allsongs will fall when they come of age. “Foreshadow is a beautifully written fantasy tale that wraps readers in poetry, new mythology and magic. ...If this is the precursor for things to come in the series, we are in for quite an adventure.” –Compulsion Reads

    The Romance of the Unicorn

     by Cynthia Joyce Clay


    A Halloween Romantic Fantasy available at Smashwords and the Kindle Store


    • Something in Elayne's refridgerator turned her pedigree Siamese cat into a troll, and Elayne's boyfriend dumped her. This is why, on Halloween night, Elayne was not celebrating but washing out her fridge. The lights went out, but Elayne continued to scrub out the fridge by candlelight until she found an entrance to a magical world of intrigue. There she finds the king mad, the queen imprisoned, and the city suffering the Plague. Elayne must find the Royal Talisman of Faye to set things right. She finds her true talent, friends, and love.

     Review:  Linda L. The Romance studio


    • "Ms. Clay has composed an enchanting tale that will take you on a ride of your life. For a moment I thought Aladdin's magic carpet would appear, the ride was so magnificent! This tale was wonderfully written. Ms. Clay pens a story that will make you believe in fairy tales."

    Review: Jodi, Romance Junkies.


    • 4.5 rating
    • "THE ROMANCE OF THE UNICORN is wonderfully written, poetic and sure to become a favorite of fantasy lovers across the board."



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