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Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe

by Cynthia Joyce Clay


Available as an E-Book


Review from the Romantic Times Book Club, April 2003, Kathy Boswell  4 Stars


  •   ?This intriguing book, told in first person, follows an unnamed Earthling who is distressed that the planet, as she knows it, is dying. Wanting to go somewhere else so she won't be poisoned as well, she teleports to a sentient forest called Zollocco to find a cure. Even though the Zollocco forest hasn't allowed humans to become inhabitants, the plants and animals that live there feel kindred to this woman. They accept her but feel she must learn some lessons in order to fully become one with Zollocco. She's sent all over on a magical adventure to prepare her for what her final destiny and outcome will be. Needless to say, this whole concept of plants, animals and beasts who actually converse with humans totally intrigued me. The book is so riveting, I almost felt as if I were actually living these adventures myself. For fans of alternate universes, this story comes highly recommended.

The Eternal Night, July 2001, Leslie


  •  This story has to be the most original concept I have ever read. A human astronaut has landed on a planet with a sentient forest. Now, don?t switch off at the thought of this ? it is so well written I found it intriguing and fascinating. The story isn?t entirely based in the forest. Our main human character moves through a number of different societies experiencing the positive and negative parts of  each. She explores the spirituality of each group and leading to her to examine her own spirituality. ?The book manages to combine Science fiction with a little mythology and a touch of ?moral-message? to make an excellent, well-balanced story. This author certainly has an original imagination!

Reader Reviews


  • Totally enjoyable, hilariously funny in places, utterly original and the product of a
  • very gifted imagination indeed. Please give us more Cynthia," Jason Avalez
  •  I Loved Zollocco (Poly Kardia 1/21/2002) I have been an enthusiastic Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan for Decades. Zollocco rates up with the best in the business. I didnt want to put it down and was Delighted by the sense of Positive Hope I still retain for Earths Future. A must read for everyone interested in Ecology or Nature Worship.
  • Jaymi B., 11/13/2000:"So far, I am only in the fourth chapter and I am spellbound by the rich imagination that Cynthia has employed in creating this wonderful book!! It is one of the best stories I have ever read!! and I have a 38 year history of reading!! Keep them coming Cynthia, you have a bright future ahead!!"


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